ANNEX is a manufacturer and supplier of quality furniture for homes, hotels, resorts, projects, and commercial spaces. We specialize in indoor wooden furniture and custom made furniture.

ANNEX is a reputable organization with a team that has many years of first- hand experience in the furniture industry. We have developed, manufactured and supplied our furniture to a vast number of clientele in the domestic market.

We work with our clients, including designers and artisans to produce new designs and reduce costs in production and procurement of furniture. We have always adopted the philosophy to offer only the best quality furniture of affordable prices.

Our expertise in working with quality materials such as solid timbers (North American Red oak, Burma Teak, Chittagong Teak, Mehogany etc.), Medium density fiber Board (MDF), various leathers, artificial leathers, fabrics and glasses results in superior quality furniture that is often beyond customer expectation.

Scope of Services

 Home Furniture
 Hotel Furniture
 Restaurant Furniture
 Resort Furniture
 Project Furniture
 Custom made Furniture


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Returning customers


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Years of experience

Our Philosophy

We Aim to produce furniture through a learning process that starts from theuser experience. Our furniture is designed and made after hearing to feedback from our customers. Having the experience of producing custommade furniture for years, we understand your furniture needs.

We aim to incorporate our customer’s ideas and designs into our standard furniture. Thus reversing the furniture design process, from customer to designer. We strongly believe that every customer knows best their unique needs and we are here only to cement your furniture needs with our knowledge. In other words, we let our customers to design our furniture range.

You get the furniture that has been designed and demanded by other users who have used similar furniture, not some designer from a foreign culture,
who has little knowledge of our own culture and production styles.

We follow 5S, the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement in the operations of our Organization as well as in the manufacturing process of the furniture. It also compliments the democratic design process. In turn, you receive furniture that has been continuously improved after feedback from users and designs that are latest and in demand.

Decorating Life.”

Manufacturing Facilities

We have a production facility of 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) square feet with a
world class machineries and equipments, highly experienced team of
Artisans, quality control managers and furniture finishing specialists.


We have a capacity to produce up to 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred)
units of furniture per month which can be increased upon demand within a
stipulated time frame.

Quality Control

We understand the importance of consistent quality and on-time delivery. Our
quality inspectors are dedicated and highly experienced. We are able to
maintain a consistent quality with good workmanship and strong construction.